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Before you attend a class please contact me in order to book your spot. I am also happy to answer all your questions. When you just want to stop by to say hi and have a cup of tea that's fine - please let me know in advance!

Mobile:  +31 (0)6 38180900

E-Mail:   yogaholistic@outlook.com

Cancellation policy

When you have booked a single class (private or group) and want to cancel it please inform me at least 24 hours before. If you cancel too late you will be charged for the class.

When you have a monthly subscription (private or group class) you will be charged at the beginning of each month. The amount is non refundable no matter if you attend all classes in this month or not. Monthly subscriptions can be stopped at the end of each month.

Studio location:

Fannius Scholtenstraat 24
1051 EX Amsterdam


close to Westerpark and Haarlemmerplein

Tram 3 - Van Limburg Stirumstraat