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What is Vedic Counseling?

The word Veda can be translated as knowledge. Vedic Counseling is life guidance based upon the Vedic tradition of Self-knowledge and knowledge of nature. It gives guidance on right living, right action, right relationship, and right awareness. Its basis is self-understanding and bringing us to a direct perception of the truth.

Vedic Counseling provides tools to help us on all levels of our complex existence. These tools are gentle and non-invasive, helping us to access the greater healing powers and potentials within our own nature.

Vedic Counseling addresses the holistic human being and it provides appropriate tools and practices to create harmony on each level.

Why should I go to a Vedic Counselor?

We are born to be in connection to others. When we spend time in groups we are filled with emotions like compassion, understanding, empathy, love, gratitude and connection.

Today we have replaced this community to a great extend with spending time in isolation or with looking only at the face of our computer screen which isn’t natural or healthy for our minds and spirits.

As a consequence, we struggle more than ever with mental diseases like depression, burn-out and anxiety (to name only a few). The senses are constantly pulled outside through the endless opportunities of distraction and we are losing the ability to listen to our own inner voice. This is why we need methods to align with reality and reconnect to our true nature.

Vedic Counseling can help to live a better and more concious life. It contains teachings for all types of individuals and all types of life-circumstances. As such, you can find the right teachings and practices for your unique nature and circumstances in life.

What is the connection between Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Counseling?

The Vedic sciences are Ayurveda (medicine for well-being of body and mind), Jyotish (Vedic astrology), Vastu (Vedic science of space), Vedanta (Vedic philosophy) and Yoga (Vedic tool for Self-realization). All these Vedic sciences are interconnected and develop various aspects of our holistic nature.

Yoga provides the practical tools to help us apply Vedic knowledge in order to change our conciousness. This means that Yoga in the broader sense is the most important aspect of Vedic counseling. It is not only the physical Yoga of asana and exercise which is used here, but also the spiritual yoga of pranayama and meditation.

The practical application of Ayurveda consists of lifestyle- and nutrition-advice in order to keep the body healthy and the immune system intact. It has a strong focus on the prevention of illness for an overall well-being.